School Visits



The E-Raced team is available to visit your school. While teaching students an important lesson about equality, inclusion and integration, the flexible program can be tailored to suit your current classroom activities.


E-Raced provides a stimulating platform for students to learn.
While our speakers share captivating stories, we also share our stories though:


Our games are designed to teach students words in different languages while at the same time get them to experience what it is like to not understand someone else language in a classroom environment. By doing this we build relationship with different cultures and gain a greater understand of people for who they are and not by where they come from. At times the team play different sports such as soccer, basketball and tennis with students as an ice breaker. When we get involved and active with students, they become less judgemental and realise that we are all the same. We all eat, play sports, games and sleep. We are all humans.


Whether it’s drumming, singing or playing an instruments, refugees and migrants have got the talents. It is important for students with different passions to belong in this program. For example, students that love music will be able to enjoy all the beautiful melodies from all around the world. Through doing this we hope to create a better understating and highlight the fact that at the end of the day we can all connect through the arts.


The E-raced team has got the moves. Students will be able to learn different dance moves from Afghanistan, South Sudan, Congo DR, Chad, Rwanda and many more. Dance is a language of its own and will require students to unite in harmony to get the moves right. It’s all about team work and fun but at the same time learning to work together regardless of our physical backgrounds.


Through the lens of art, we have fashion. Fashion is one other way in which people from all ages and walks of life express themselves. Speakers have the choice to tell their stories dressed in their traditional outfits, the team will have extra traditional clothes for students wishing to try them on. Because of this, students will learn a valuable life lesson that clothes we wear are part of who we wear but it does not change the fact that we all want to belong. Whether we wear bright African fabrics or wear a hijab we are all one.

Impact of Our program